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Vegie Patch at the School

Two new vegie patches have been built and are being developed.

Our Postal Service

A postal receiving office was commenced on 16 November 1921 at El Arish, then Maria Creek Soldiers Settlement, via Innisfail.  War Pensions were paid from the office.  The name of the Receiving Officer is not known but was probably J.B. Wheatley.

The History Station


 So ... What do we get up to at the History Station?

Great Morning Teas each Friday at 9.30 am with scrumptious freshly baked goodies from the Ladies all with a bit of history thrown in.

The El Arish History Station Museum is housed in the old Railway Station on Chauvel Street, El Ari…

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Much More to Come

This site is going to be growing on an on-going basis.  Much is still incomplete as we are still researching and compiling content.

But we hope to add a few things soon such as a "Job Board" and "Swop & Buy", so we welcome any suggestions and would really appreciate your feedback on the site so fa…

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What year(s) were you a pupil or teacher at El Arish?

We are compiling a collection of old school photos.  Have you got any to add?

Take a look at what we have so far, with very great thanks to Asko Keto!

Click here -  Students 1970, 1972

To add a comment just click on 'comments' below.

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In the Far North - Crown Areas to be Opened

"Early Action" - BRISBANE, January 17.

Early action is to be taken, by the Lands Department in agricultural development of North. Queensland, and in this direction extensive tracts of country, suitable for dairying and closer settlement generally, will be made available at different periods throu…

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1929 Cairns Post


The State member for Herbert (Mr. P. Pease) has forwarded the following letter received by him from the Minister for Agriculture.

“I have to acknowledge receipt of your communication wherein reference is made to the banana industry generally, and the growing of …

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Townsville Bulletin 1928

 EL ARISH  Cane Growing - 1928

Here the growers are returned solders;  they produce some 30,000 tons of cane annually. The bulk of the harvested cane is sent to nearby rail road stations, whence it is derricked from small to big wagons and railed to the Tully for milling. The prevailing rainles…

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Lost a Leg - Digger's Story

A Settler's Point of View - 1921

MARIA CREEK.   written for  For the "Post" and "Herald"

When on my way to the usual frolic at Cairns on Saturday nights (the cinema), I chanced the other week to meet one of my one-time Non-Com. mates in the A.I.F., and was as pleased as he at the meeting. Over a "here's luck" we exchanged views …

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Forestry in NQ

In pursuance of the Government's policy of forest development, the Acting Director of Forests (Mr. E.H.F. Swain) was despatched recently to the North by the Minister for Lands (Mr. J. H. Coyne) on a special mission of inquiry into forestry and timber trade matters generally. In commenting upon the…

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Light Horse in Action

A lance-corporal in the First Australian Light Horse Brigade, which played  such a brilliant part in the recent fighting in Egypt against the 'Turks, writes to his father in Sydney as follows (says the "Daily Telegaph"); -  
"At Romani we gave the Turks one of the biggest hidings they over got. W…

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Letter to the Editor 1907


Sir,— Judging by the tone of leading     article in your paper of late, you seem to have come to the conclusion that is impossible for a farmer who has to pay his laborers from 30s to 45s per week to compete with others who have to pay only from 3s to 6s per wee…

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